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Louise E Tortora Dpm located in CT

Louise E Tortora DPM

1300 Post Road Suite 206
FairfieldCT  06824

(203) 254-0093

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"Your feet and ankles provide the vital support you need to
get around each day. If they're not functioning as well as they should be, you may
experience pain and other unwanted side effects. At Louise E. Tortora, DPM in Fairfield, CT, expert podiatrist Dr. Tortora
diagnoses, treats, and helps heal issues related to foot and ankle pain so
your feet can get the support they need.The caring staff at Louise E. Tortora, DPM is experienced in treating foot
conditions in people of all ages, from infants to the elderly. They offer education and support and can medically treat any foot condition.Whether you're suffering from bunions or
nail fungus, this Connecticut podiatrist and her team offer an array of effective
treatments, including:
For Calluses & Corns: Calluses and corns can be very painful, and they only
worsen with restrictive footwear. Dr. Tortora can provide the best treatment to ease your pain and remove the protrusions. Clubfoot
Treatment: This birth abnormality affects about one in every 1,000
newborns, but it is treatable. To ensure that newborns don't experience pain and issues later on in life,
a therapeutic treatment is applied to gradually restore the correct positioning
of the foot. Diabetic
Foot Care: People with diabetes are particularly at risk of foot
complications, in part due to decreased blood flow. A podiatrist can help you
properly care for your feet. Bunion
Treatment: Among the most common foot disorders, bunions are caused by both congenital and external factors.Dr. Tortora can provide therapeutic support for bunions, andif the
condition is advanced, she can also administer surgery. Hammertoe
Treatment: Characterized by bentjoints in the toes, hammertoes can be caused by genetics or poorly fitted footwear.A painful hammertoe can be corrected by therapeutic treatment,
and if necessary, surgery. Ingrown
Toenails: Ingrown toenails are extremely common, but are painful and can
become infected. A podiatrist can help you effectively treat the condition and
prevent it from happening in the future. Sports
Injury Therapy: Injuries to the feet and ankles are rampant among athletes. Louise E. Tortora, DPM can give you the support you need for a wide range of sports-related conditions. Toenail
Fungus: Toenail fungus can often go undetected. When it escalates, though,
it can cause pain and other serious issues. Dr. Tortora can simply and
effectively treat toenail fungus so you won't have to worry about it again. No matter what ails you, this podiatrist and her caring staff will give you the support you need. To make an appointment, call the trusted
office ofLouise E. Tortora, DPMtoday at (203) 254-0093, or
visit their website to learn

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