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Appliance Repair Pro located in VA

Appliance Repair Pro

175 S Reynolds St K215
AlexandriaVA  22304

(703) 459-8650
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Appliance Repair Pro
4 out of 5
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S&E Appliance Repair is an appliance repair company that is passionate about meeting the need for an efficient and functional home. If your appliances aren't working their best, it can hinder your ability to cook, clean, and take care of yourself and your family. That's why S&E Appliance Repairs expert in appliance maintenance, as well as all types of general appliance repairs in VA, DC & MD.
We repair almost all major make & model. Whether it is:

Refrigerator, Washer & dryer, Air Condition, Garbage Disposal, Ice Maker, Dishwasher, Water Heater etc.

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Customer Rating 3 out of 5 by gt_pZDrgS on Tue Aug 28 4:01 EDT
he'll be there between 10-2pm. He arvires within the time He said, checked the fridge and gave me the run down. Before I go on, I just want to say that I've never had any prior experience with appli...

Customer Rating 5 out of 5 by gt_xELRrQ on Wed Apr 25 19:00 EDT
S&E Appliance repair is indeed a great appliance repair service in Alexandria VA. I called couple of times for my different appliances, response time was fairly quick accompanied by affordable repair ...